During the pandemic, we're staying safe at home, but our global outreach continues through new initiatives, projects, and partnerships. We're in this TOGETHER!


Tell Girls' Stories is an initiative driven by For All Girlkind and Original Media Ventures to catalyze, inform, invest in, and amplify media and entertainment projects that celebrate girls as both storytellers and protagonists. The project will serve to connect storytellers, media companies, nonprofits, brands, and investors who are interested in reaching audiences of girls around the world. The I AM: Projects have partnered with this initiative as a content creator, reaching out to girls who have participated in our projects and working with them to help share their stories.  

The Liberi School is a global virtual schoolhouse based in Hudson, New York that enables students to build meaningful relationships and learn with their teachers and peers from anywhere in the world. Geographical boundaries are lifted as children’s connections expand across cultures and continents. The I AM: Projects have partnered with The Liberi School to help facilitate connections between teachers, students, and schools who have previously participated in our projects and who are seeking to further their own global awareness. 

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Khoisan - named for the indigenous population of Namibia - is a group of five musicians/rappers committed to spreading awareness about the injustices facing Namibians today. Femicide, COVID-19, political corruption, land degradation, and the endangerment of the Khoisan people and language are among the host of issues prevalent across the country. The I AM: Projects have partnered with Khoisan to amplify the cause by nurturing and educating children through music and the arts in an effort to inspire and educate the next generation. Click HERE to watch the video for the single Ga Ai Danab (translates to "Clever" or "Oop kop" in Afrikaans).