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While our projects aim to deliver meaningful, creative experiences to individuals, our films present opportunities to further amplify voices and share stories that extend beyond the programs. We direct and produce short and feature length documentaries that help contextualize the work and that are used as an educational resource in the global and cultural awareness curricula that we present to local schools. 

"The Milwaukee Project" 2022

Directors, Matthew Mixon + Sasha Sicurella / Editor, Michael T. Vollman / Producer Sasha Sicurella

The Milwaukee Project follows a group of teens attending an alternative high school as they navigate adulthood while facing issues surrounding gender, race, sexuality, health, and poverty over the course of five years. Several stories unfold as the individuals participate in a provocative art and photography project that fosters intimate revelations about identity and becomes an unexpected mechanism for tracking their personal changes over time.

"I AM: Lebanon, Syria, Palestine" 2019

Directors, Sasha Sicurella + Karim Raoul / Producer, Sasha Sicurella / Editor, Miguel de Laveaga 

Thirty girls living in Beirut's refugee camps participate in art and self-portrait photography workshops that focus on themes of personal and group identity, gender equity, and self-expression. The film engages an older group of teenage girls in documenting process, giving them the opportunity to learn technical filmmaking skills including camera operation and editing. Produced in collaboration with Beit Atfal Assumoud (National Institute of Social Care and Vocational Training) and Betterfly Camp.

"Possibility: The Space Between Limits" 2017

Director, Sasha Sicurella / Producers, Danielle Palleschi + Betsy Fels for Coarc / Producer, Business Lunch Productions / Editor, Sam Frank / Editor, Aster Fels

A short documentary film that follows five individuals with disabilities and their relationships in the realms of work, life, family, and love. Produced in partnership Coarc, an advocate, resource, and comprehensive service provider for children and adults in Columbia County, NY.

"In the Shadow of a Mountain" 2016

Director, Karim Raoul / Producer, Sasha Sicurella / Producer + Editor, Andrew Jensen

Follow Bolivian silver miners into the infamous Cerro Rico mountain as they struggle to harvest diminishing natural resources from the land. Despite dangerous conditions, corruption, and the inevitability of disease and early death, the miners rely on folklore and their deep sense of spirituality as a means of self and cultural preservation.  

"Fork in the Road" 2014

Writer + Director, Karim Raoul / Producer, Sasha Sicurella / Producer, Karim Raoul

Filmed during the month of the 20th commemoration of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, this docu-drama tells a symbolic story of friendship and coming-of-age between two boys as they learn about the past. 

"Water, Ice, Snow" 2013

Director, Karim Raoul / Producer, Jack Turner / Producer, Jeffrey Kurz

New York-based artist/educator Sasha Sicurella travels to Mongolia to work with children, empowering them to explore identity, self-affirmation and creative expression through art and self-portrait photography.

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